Hewlett Packard licenses Arasan Chip System’s SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Controller IP core

San Jose, California
Tue, 01/25/2011

Hewlett Packard licenses Arasan Chip System’s SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Controller IP core

Arasan increases market share by expanding a SuperSpeed Licensee

San Jose, California – January 25, 2011 – Arasan Chip Systems, Inc.(“Arasan”), a leading provider of Intellectual Property (IP) Cores, announced that Hewlett Packard has licensed Arasan’s SuperSpeed USB3.0 Controller IP core for next generation products.

Arasan has over a decade of experience in USB development and has a team focused exclusively on USB.  It has a comprehensive IP portfolio covering USB 1.1, 2.0 and recently SuperSpeed USB 3.0. With a peak bandwidth of 5 Gbps, USB 3.0 will be deployed in new applications that were constrained by the lower bandwidth of USB 2.0. In particular, USB 3.0 will benefit connectivity to mass storage drives, transfer of HD content in consumer electronics, and rapid two-way data synchronization. USB 3.0 includes new features to reduce power and improve the protocol efficiency which would benefit portable applications as well.

System integrators are getting ready for the ramp up USB 3.0 ports in early part of 2011. In order to hit production by that time-frame, designers at fabless companies and OEMs have started integrating this IP into their silicon designs. Arasan has been at the forefront in the development of USB IP and has already licensed its SuperSpeed USB IP cores to large semiconductor companies and Tier 1 OEMs. These discerning customers have chosen Arasan’s USB IP based on Arasan’s domain expertise and robustness of this silicon validated IP core.

“With higher bandwidth, new features and a wide installed base of USB 2.0, USB 3.0 will quickly establish itself as the new de facto interconnect for consumer and portable electronics”, said Rich Timpa, Executive Vice-President at Arasan. “Arasan’s USB 3.0 IP cores are currently being designed in multiple customers’ products, backed by the confidence of integrating our risk-free, verified USB 3.0 interface”.

Arasan provides a “Total IP Solution” for its USB IP Cores including RTL source code, synthesis scripts, test environment and documentation all backed by world-class customer support.

About Arasan

Arasan Chip Systems Inc. (www.arasan.com), based in San Jose, CA, USA, is a world leading supplier of  IP and the “Total IP Solution” ranging from Intellectual Property (IP), Verification IP (VIP), Hardware Development Kits, Validation Platforms, Portable Software Drivers / Stacks, and Design Services.  Arasan delivers technology-leading IP solutions like MIPI, SD / SDIO, USB, PCI, Ethernet, MMC, CE-ATA, CF+, NAND and more, to the global electronics market.  Arasan’s IP portfolio enables designers to accelerate their development and simplify their production of complex system-on-chip (SoCs).  Arasan provides a competitive advantage through a combination of domain expertise, silicon proven IP, hardware / software tools, and customized service… the “Total IP Solution”.

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