Arasan announces its CAN-XL IP with seamlessly integrated CANsec Accelerator IP

Arasan, a top provider of semiconductor IP for automobile SoCs, introduces a fully integrated solution: CAN-XL IP with CANsec Acceleration IP for secure CAN Bus transactions.

San Jose, Aug 3, 2023: Arasan now offers its CAN XL IP seamlessly combined with the CANsec Acceleration IP, delivering hardware acceleration for secure CAN Bus transactions. This addition completes our CAN IP Portfolio, alongside CAN FD, CAN 2.0, and TT-CAN, solidifying our decade-long commitment to providing CAN IP cores.

Arasan’s CAN XL IP adheres to the CiA 613-2 Specifications and maintains backward compatibility with CAN FD, CAN 2.0, and TT-CAN. The integrated CANsec IP enhances security and complies with the current draft version.

Our CAN XL IP with CANsec is ISO-26262 ASIL-B ready, with optional support for ASIL-C and higher.

CAN XL fills the gap between CAN FD and Ethernet. Our portfolio of IP for Automotive SoC’s includes UNH Certified and automotive-qualified Ethernet IP Cores for customers looking for higher baud rates than supported by CAN XL, the automotive qualified MIPI Portfolio with CSI-2 IP, DSI-2 IP, C-PHY IP, D-PHY IP, I3C IP, and USB-IF certified USB cores. Furthermore, MIPI A-PHY will be offered in 2024.

Our entire CAN IP portfolio is exclusively designed by Arasan’s in-house team of engineers, ensuring direct customer support from the IP’s creators. As an IP designed in the USA, we can support projects requiring US security clearance for support personnel. The defense, aerospace, automotive, and industrial sectors are our primary target markets for fault-tolerant CAN IP.

About Arasan:

Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of IP for mobile storage and mobile connectivity interfaces, with over a billion chips shipped with our IP. Our high-quality, silicon-proven Total IP Solutions encompass digital IP, Analog Mixed Signal PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK, and Software. With a strong focus on mobile SoCs, we have been at the forefront of the “Mobile” evolution since the mid-90s, supporting various mobile devices, including smartphones, automobiles, drones, and IoT devices, with our standards-based IP.

Press Contact:

Bonnie Noufer