Arasan In Year 2013 – 2014 – An Overview

Seasons Greetings From Arasan Chip Systems

The Semiconductor IP industry is constantly facing new challenges due to market competition to meet user demands for innovation. Every year the industry is compelled to upgrade existing gadgets with multifold features and performance upgrades. Driving forces like cloud services,mobile computing, big data, and social networking, are also enabling  new product sectors. IDC projects a revenue growth of 2.9% in the year 2014 [Link], a whopping 6.9% increase from 2012 with a strong demand for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones whose sales will  grow by 18% and 12% respectively in 2014. It also predicts the expansion of the 3rd platform beyond tablets  and smartphones to IoT (Internet of things) [Link]. The coming year will be see new multi-bullion dollar opportunities for the semiconductor companies.New avenues may open in the fields of automation, medical, residential and  industrial electronics, energy and smart home sectors. [ Smart Phone, Smart TV, Smart Everything] The technical challenges for IC developers in this environment are the usual, time to market, cost, power, hardware and software verification complexities. It is incumbent on SIP industry to provide proven silicon, reuse methodology, cohesive and comprehensive mixed signal verification solutions, and global support services. SEMI predicts the global materials market to approach $50 billion in 2014, a huge 21 percent increase over estimated 2013 equipment spending. So on a positive note the year 2014 will be a ‘happy new year’ for the chip makers and overall semiconductors industry. [LINK] The year 2013 was a productive one for us at Arasan Chip Systems and we are looking forward to a great year ahead. We opened new sales offices in USA and new channel partners in India and also announced the availability of:

  • Most Complete ONFI 3.1 NAND Controller IP & PHY
  • eMMC 5.0 Total IP Solution
  • Industry First SD 4.1 Total IP Solution
  • SSIC Adapter IP, supporting the USB 3.0 specification for USB Superspeed Inter-Chip (SSIC)
  • Industry First Universal Flash Storage 2.0 Total IP Solution
  • Industry First M-PHY 3.0 Total IP Solution
  • First eMMC v5.0 I/O PADs & PHY IP using TSMC 28nmHPM Process
  • 64-bit compatible Interface IP for Mobile Storage

As part of the Total Solution our newly launched ‘Support Everywhere’ Program provides quick,  in-depth technical support for our customers, regardless of their location cutting out middlemen, translation time and wheel spinning. We also reaffirmed our commitment  to MIPI Alliance at the mobile world congress. Arasan has 9 of the global top 10 semiconductor companies as its customers, who have adopted and achieved silicon level connectivity for MIPI CSI-2, DSI, SLIMbus®, HSI, RFFE, Unipro®, D-PHY ,M-PHY®, and the latest additions to the MIPI standards, LLI and CSI-3. This portfolio has expanded significantly to adjacencies, like the JEDEC UFS compatible host and device IP solutions, for which Arasan is the market . We at Arasan Chip Systems wish you all the very best for the coming year. We also thank all our customers (new and old), partners and experts for helping us with the past and present challenges and hope for more global expansion and growth as we move to a better future. Stay connected with us for the latest news on product releases, events and other important announcements as we cross new frontiers in the year 2014. LinkedIn Company page Twitter Marcom Specialist