Arasan Announces IP solutions for the Next Generation of Mobile Storage – UFS 3.0

Arasan extends its long history of support for JEDEC and MIPI standards with the availability of UFS 3.0 controller IP, supporting a maximum throughput of 11.6 Gbps with M-PHY HS-Gear 4 2-lane operation, providing the highest data transfer rate with low power consumption for advanced mobile applications such as smartphone and tablets.

UFS 3.0 introduces new extensions to UFS 2.1 including:

  • Multiple RPMB regions with unique auth key, registers an logical address
  • Mandatory support for Gear3 5.8Gbps (Arasan UFS 2.1 supports)
  • Mandatory support for Gear4 11.6Gbps
  • Register Updates

“Arasan is providing support for UFS 3.0 with select customer in anticipation of the published standard,” said Ron Mabry, Arasan’s VP of Worldwide Sales, please contact us with your requirements.

Arasan’s UFS 3.0 digital controller IP has incorporated the MIPI UniProSM version 1.6 link layer with support for multi-lane operation and the optional Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) implementation. Arasan’s UFS 3.0 IP is available in both a Device Controller IP and Host Controller IP configurations, which incorporates the latest UFS Host Controller Interface (HCI) version 3.0. Arasan’s MIPI M-PHY® HS-G3 v3.1 IP is available in GDSII format for a variety of process technologies. In addition, Arasan’s Hardware Validation Platforms enable early validation of UFS 3.0 specification by emulating either a UFS 3.0 Host or Device systems at the interface protocol level.

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Arasan’s UFS 3.0 Total IP solution, available for select customers, includes UFS Host Controller, UFS Device Controller IP, Verification IP, Linux OS based Hardware Platform with UFS 2.0 Host Controller implementation, UniPro Link Layer IP and software stack, the MIPI M-PHY GDSII, and all associated documentation.

About Arasan
Arasan is an active contributor to JEDEC® and the MIPI® Alliance. Arasan’s UFS Device Controller IP has been licensed by major NAND Flash Memory vendors while the UFS Host Controller IP has been licensed by application processor suppliers, production test equipment suppliers, and emulation platform vendors. This broad adoption of Arasan’s UFS IP promotes compliance and compatibility. Arasan is also the leading provider of IP for eMMC, which can be found on almost all of the Smartphones available in the market today.

For over 50 years, JEDEC has been the global leader in developing open standards and publications for the microelectronics industry. For more information, please visit

About MIPI
About the MIPI Alliance
MIPI Alliance (MIPI) develops interface specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced industries. Founded in 2003, the organization has more than 275 member companies worldwide, more than 15 active working groups, and has delivered more than 45 specifications within the mobile ecosystem in the last decade. Members of the organization include handset manufacturers, device OEMs, software providers, semiconductor companies, application processor developers, IP providers, test and test equipment companies, as well as camera, tablet and laptop manufacturers. For more information please see