Arasan furthers the compliance of their I3C IP with its participation in the I3C Interop at MIPI Member Meeting

Arasan Chip Systems, a leading provider of IP for mobile storage and mobile connectivity interfaces, is proud to announce its participation in the I3C Interoperability Session at the MIPI Member Meeting in San Jose. Taking place on June 26, 2023, this session provides an opportunity for Arasan to test its I3C Host IP and I3C Device IP alongside other participants.

Arasan has been a consistent contributor to the MIPI I3C Interoperability sessions, having previously participated in sessions held in Seoul, South Korea, and Bangalore, India. This ongoing involvement not only ensures compliance of Arasan’s I3C Host and Device IP but also contributes to the advancement and standardization of the I3C standard through interoperability and compliance among vendors.

The I3C HCI specification plays a crucial role in standardizing the interface, enabling the development of common software drivers. Arasan is proud to test its I3C Host IP, which is compliant with the latest I3C HCI v1.2 specifications. This testing is conducted alongside Arasan’s Linux software stack and I3C HDK, both of which are readily available to customers.

Arasan’s I3C IP is highly versatile and configurable, allowing customers to tailor it to their specific sensor applications through simple scripts. The IP has undergone thorough validation at both the RTL level, with the use of third-party VIP, and the system level, through participation in multiple I3C interoperability sessions conducted by the MIPI Association. Licensees can have confidence in the compliance of Arasan’s I3C IP.

Furthermore, Arasan’s I3C IP seamlessly integrates with their MIPI CSI IP cores and Universal C-PHY / D-PHY Combo PHY IP. This integration enables camera sensor control via I3C, leveraging one of I3C’s primary functions. Sensor and AP vendors have the option to license the comprehensive package of I3C, CSI, and C/D-PHY IP from Arasan, facilitating streamlined development and enhanced functionality.

Arasan’s I3C IP has already been successfully licensed by early adopters, and semiconductors incorporating this IP are currently in production by Arasan’s licensees. To support prototyping, Arasan offers the I3C PHY I/O Test Chip based on a 7nm node.

As a contributing member of the MIPI Association since 2005, Arasan has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality, silicon-proven IP solutions. Their comprehensive product portfolio includes digital IP, AMS PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK, and Software, all tailored for mobile SoCs. For more information about Arasan Chip Systems and its offerings, please visit

Arasan’s participation in the prior I3C Interoperability Session in Seoul, South Korea