Arasan proudly introduces the VESA VDC-M Encoder and Decoder IP

Arasan, a leading provider of mobile storage and connectivity IP solutions, proudly introduces the VESA VDC-M Encoder and Decoder IP.

Mar 12, 2024, San Jose, CA: Arasan proudly introduces the VESA VDC-M Encoder and Decoder IP as part of its Total Display IP Solution for Mobile, Automobile, and Multimedia SoCs. Our comprehensive offering encompasses MIPI DSI IP, C-PHY IP, D-PHY IP, VESA DSC Encoder and Decoder IP, along with the new addition of VESA VDC-M IP.
Step into the future of digital media with Arasan’s VESA VDC-M v1.2 Encoder and Decoder IP, a revolutionary product reshaping video compression technology. Boasting unparalleled efficiency and superior quality, our solution caters to diverse digital applications. Arasan’s proven design discipline and rapid product development ensure swift silicon success for both analog and digital IP.
Tailored for mobile devices, VDC-M stands out with specialized optimization, while DSC serves as a versatile compression standard applicable across various display types.
In the grand scheme, Arasan’s VDC-M plays a pivotal role in optimizing video content display on digital applications, striking the right balance between performance and power efficiency.

VDC-M Encoder

Features of VESA VDC-M :

• Advanced Encoding / Decoding Mechanisms
• Configurable High-Resolution Support
• Adjustable Bit Rate
• Versatile Video Format Support
• Parallel Slice Encoding
• Ultra-low Latency
• Power Efficient Design

The VESA VDC-M Encoder IP and Decoder IP are available to license immediately. Please contact Arasan sales.

About Arasan:
Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of IP for mobile storage and mobile connectivity interfaces, with over a billion chips shipped with our IP. Our high-quality, silicon-proven Total IP Solutions encompass digital IP, Analog Mixed Signal PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK, and Software. With a strong focus on mobile SoCs, we have been at the forefront of the “Mobile” evolution since the mid-90s, supporting various mobile devices, including smartphones, automobiles, drones, and IoT devices, with our standards-based IP.

Press Contact:
Bonnie Noufer