Arasan proudly releases its Radiation Hardened NAND Flash IP

Arasan, a leading provider of mobile storage and connectivity IP solutions, proudly releases its Radiation Hardened NAND Flash IP Compliant to ONFI Specifications
Mar 13, 2024, San Jose, CA: Arasan proudly releases its Radiation Hardened NAND Flash IP, compliant with ONFI 4.2 Specifications, ideal for mission-critical roles in defense, aerospace, and nuclear applications. This addition enhances Arasan’s Mobile Storage IP portfolio, encompassing UFS IP, eMMC IP, xSPI NOR Flash IP, and SDIO/SD Card IP. The proprietary technology employed by Arasan ensures effective radiation hardening, safeguarding against ionizing radiation effects.

The NAND Flash Controller IP facilitates reliable access to off-chip NAND flash devices, supporting all ONFI Specification modes, including the new NV-LPDDR4 mode and legacy modes like Single Data Rate, NV-DDR, NV-DDR2, and NV-DDR3. It accommodates various timing modes, from 10MHz to the latest 1,200MHz (2.4GT/S) I/O speeds. Arasan’s ONFI Host controller IP, with a fully verified AXI interface, employs a unique microcontroller architecture for efficient multithreaded data path utilization. Additionally, it features a Scatter-Gather Direct Memory Access (DMA) algorithm, ensuring swift data transfer between flash and system memory.
Arasan offers its radiation-hardened NAND Flash Controller IP, compliant with ONFI 4.2 Specifications, for immediate licensing in ASIC and FPGA applications. For inquiries, please contact Arasan sales.

About Arasan:
Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of IP for mobile storage and mobile connectivity interfaces, with over a billion chips shipped with our IP. Our high-quality, silicon-proven Total IP Solutions encompass digital IP, Analog Mixed Signal PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK, and Software. With a strong focus on mobile SoCs, we have been at the forefront of the “Mobile” evolution since the mid-90s, supporting various mobile devices, including smartphones, automobiles, drones, and IoT devices, with our standards-based IP.

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Bonnie Noufer