Arasan Chip Sytems Announces Xilinx Alliance Program Membership

Arasan Chip Systems, a leading provider of semiconductor IP for mobile and automobile SoCs, announces its membership in the Xilinx Alliance Program with support for MIPI and storage IP cores on the Xilinx UltraScale+ family.

 Dec 8, 2016. San Jose, CA. Arasan today announced participation in the Xilinx Industry Alliance Program with immediate support for MIPI camera, imaging and audio IP controllers, and the latest JEDEC eMMC 5.1 Host Controller.

All Arasan cores in the Xilinx Alliance Program have been implemented with Vivado Design Suite and UltraScale+ technology. The initial release includes MIPI CSI-2 host and device controllers, MIPI DSI host and device controllers, MIPI Soundwire Master controller, and the combination SD3.0 + SDIO3.0 + eMMC5.1 Host controller. Arasan IP cores for ONFI, UFS and USB are in design and will become available in the next few weeks.

Arasan’s Total IP Solutions have supported Xilinx FPGA for over ten years with hundreds of design wins. Arasan’s Hardware Validation Platform (HVP) utilizes Xilinx FPGAs from the Virtex, Kintex and Spartan families. The new Xilinx UltraScale+ family built on 16nm FinFET provides high-speed, low power MIPI D-PHY I/O support required for both MIPI CSI-2 and DSI digital IP cores.

“Xilinx UltraScale+ will allow more of FPGA users to achieve SoC performance with Arasan IP Cores,” said Ron Mabry, VP of Worldwide Sales.

“As a long time IP provider to Xilinx customers, we are pleased to have Arasan formally join our Alliance Program,” Hanneke Krekels, Xilinx Director for Test, Measurement & Emulation.

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About Arasan

Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of Total IP Solutions for mobile and the next generation of Smart applications from home to automobile. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include digital IP cores, analog PHY interfaces, verification IP, hardware verification kits, protocol analyzers, software stacks and drivers, and optional customization services for Ethernet, MIPI, PCIe, USB, UFS, SD, SDIO, eMMC, and UFS. Arasan’s Total IP products serve system architects and chip design teams in applications that require silicon-proven, validated IP, delivered with the ability to integrate and verify both digital, analog and software components in the shortest possible time with the lowest risk. 

About the Xilinx Alliance Program

The Xilinx Alliance Program is a worldwide ecosystem of qualified companies collaborating with Xilinx to further the development of All Programmable technologies. Leveraging open platforms and standards, Xilinx has built this ecosystem to meet customer needs and is committed to its long-term success. Comprised of IP providers, EDA vendors, embedded software providers, system integrators, and hardware suppliers, Alliance members help accelerate design productivity while minimizing risk.