Arasan Announces Ethernet IP Solutions for Automobiles

Arasan’s UNH Certified Gigabit Ethernet IP with AVB provides a flexible, scalable and reusable networking solution for the next generation of automobiles

San Jose, California July 28, 2015

Ethernet 1GE with Audio Video Bridging (AVB) is rapidly being adopted for new model automobiles because it provides a secure, scalable, flexible network with Gigabit performance over a single twisted pair (RTPGE). Ethernet AVB (IEEE 1722) provides the QoS required for time sensitive networks for ADAS, infotainment, and telematics -the fastest (19%) growing segments of the $31B Automotive Semiconductor market. Ethernet AVB provides one timestep accuracy in a multiple engine controller unit (ECU) automotive network.

Arasan’s Total IP Solution for Automotive provides a 1GE MAC with support for the AVB IEEE-1722 protocols.

  • 802.1Qat Bandwidth Reservation
  • 802.1Qav Packet queuing and forwarding
  • 802.1AS Precision Time Control with One-Step Timing
  • TCP/IP and Real Time Protocol (RTP)

Arasan’s Ethernet IP MACs are compliant to 802.3-2012 with support for IEEE 1588 PTP protocol, and include hardware support for management and statistics functions such as MIB, SNMP, RMON, Magic packet, and wake-up frames for optimal power management. Arasan’s Ethernet IP MACs have achieved UNH Certification.

Arasan provides Total IP Solutions for a wide range of applications from mobile and mobile-influenced ecosystem that now includes advanced automotive electronics. Arasan provides CAN and CAN FD controllers used in non-timing critical networks, storage controllers for SD and eMMC, and camera and display interface controllers.

Arasan’s Gigabit Ethernet IP Solution with AVB is a mature product and Arasan recently celebrated 10 years in the Ethernet IP business spanning 10/100 FAST to the 10GE XGMAC.

“We see strong demand for Ethernet 1588 with AVB for automotive. It is the optimum network for timing and bandwidth data in new generations of automobiles”, Ron Mabry, VP of World Wide Sales.

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Arasan’s Ethernet AVB 1722 MAC IP core is available immediately for licensing. Arasan’s Total IP Solution for Ethernet consists of fully‐compliant, silicon‐verifiedIP cores, verification IP, portable software stacks and hardware development platforms.

About Arasan

Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of Total IP Solutions for mobile and the next generation of Smart applications from home to automobile. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include digital IP cores, analog PHY interfaces, verification IP, hardware verification kits, protocol analyzers, software stacks and drivers, and optional customization services for Ethernet, MIPI, PCIe, USB, UFS, SD, SDIO, eMMC, and UFS. Arasan’s Total IP products serve system architects and chip design teams in applications that require silicon-proven, validated IP, delivered with the ability to integrate and verify both digital, analog and software components in the shortest possible time with the lowest risk.

About the Ethernet Alliance

The Ethernet Alliance is a global consortium that includes system and component vendors, industry experts, and university and government professionals who are committed to the continued success and expansion of Ethernet technology. The Ethernet Alliance takes Ethernet standards to market by supporting activities that span from incubation of new Ethernet technologies to interoperability demonstrations and education.