Arasan achieves ISO 26262 ASIL B automotive safety certification for its Total eMMC IP Solution

Arasan achieves ISO 26262 ASIL B certification for its eMMC Controller IP and its seamlessly integrated eMMC PHY IP

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arasan Chip Systems, the leading provider of Total IP™ for automotive SoC’s announced today that their eMMC Total IP which includes the eMMC Controller IP and the eMMC PHY IP have achieved the Automotive Safety Integrity Level B, the architectural metrics SPFM (Single Point Fault Metric) and LFM (Latent Fault Metric) certification, allowing customers to create ISO 26262-compliant SoCs for ADAS and autonomous driving applications.


Arasan’s eMMC controller is widely utilized in automotive, navigation, and car entertainment applications such as 3D maps, drive recorder, satellite radio, autonomous driving OS and Apps, telemetric and traffic monitoring. This eMMC IP performs admirably in severe conditions. It ensures that the application operates better as a result of improved technical support, prolonged life, and solid roadmaps.

Arasan eMMC™ 5.1 Total IP™ is designed in – house for functional safety, with cutting-edge safety features that greatly exceed current industry norms while keeping JEDEC compatibility. It features the HS400 high speed interface timing mode of up to 400 MB/s data rate, with “command queuing” – making the data transfers highly efficient by offloading the software overhead into the controller. eMMC™ 5.1 further improves the reliability of operation by utilizing an “enhanced strobe” at the PHY layer.

Arasan’s eMMC total IP solution comprehensive portfolio includes all the versions with silicon proven nodes down to 5nm.

Arasan also offers a complete suite of MIPI IP including the CSI IP for Camera, DSI IP for Display along with its seamless integrated C-PHY IP and D-PHY IP for automotive applications. Arasan’s Ethernet IP and CAN IP round out our comprehensive automotive IP Portfolio.

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Arasan Chip Systems, a contributing member of the MIPI Association since 2005 is a leading provider of IP for mobile storage and mobile connectivity interfaces with over a billion chips shipped with our MIPI IP. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include digital IP, AMS PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK, and Software. Arasan has a focused product portfolio targeting mobile SoCs. Arasan is at the forefront of this evolution of “Mobile” with its standards-based IP at the heart of Mobile SoCs.

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