Revolutionizing Automotive Communication: Exploring CAN XL Bus IP and Arasan’s CAN IP Portfolio

In the dynamic world of automotive electronics, reliable and efficient communication between various electronic control units (ECUs) is crucial. Controller Area Network (CAN) has been the backbone of in-vehicle communication for decades, enabling the seamless exchange of information between different automotive systems. However, as the complexity of automotive systems continues to grow, the need for higher bandwidth, increased data throughput, and enhanced security has emerged. In this blog, we will delve into the emerging technology of CAN XL (CAN eXtended Data Link) bus IP and how Arasan’s CAN IP portfolio can support the development of cutting-edge Automotive SoCs.

Understanding CAN XL

CAN XL represents a significant advancement in CAN technology, addressing the limitations of the traditional CAN protocol. It builds upon the foundation of Classical CAN, offering higher data rates, improved efficiency, and enhanced payload sizes. CAN XL supports data rates up to 10 Mbps, which is up to ten times faster than Classical CAN. This substantial increase in bandwidth allows for the transmission of larger data packets, making it ideal for applications requiring high-resolution sensor data, such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles.

Technical Merits of CAN XL

1. Increased Data Throughput: CAN XL offers enhanced data throughput, enabling faster and more efficient communication between ECUs. This is particularly advantageous in applications where real-time data processing and decision-making are critical, such as autonomous driving.
2. Extended Payload Size: With CAN XL, the payload size is expanded from 8 bytes to 64 bytes per frame. This enables the transmission of more significant data packets in a single frame, reducing overhead and maximizing bus utilization.
3. Backward Compatibility: CAN XL retains backward compatibility with Classical CAN, allowing seamless integration with existing CAN networks. This ensures a smooth transition for legacy systems and provides flexibility in system design.
4. Improved Error Detection and Fault Confinement: CAN XL incorporates enhanced error detection and fault confinement mechanisms, ensuring robustness and reliability in automotive communication systems. This is essential for safety-critical applications, where errors must be detected and isolated to prevent system failures.

Arasan’s CAN IP Portfolio for Automotive SoCs

Arasan, a leading provider of semiconductor IP solutions, offers a comprehensive CAN IP portfolio designed to facilitate the integration of CAN XL into automotive SoCs. The portfolio includes:

1. CAN 2.0 & CAN FD IP: Arasan provides proven, fully compliant CAN 2.0 and CAN FD IP cores that can be easily integrated into automotive SoCs. These IP cores support a wide range of data rates and frame sizes, allowing developers to design systems based on both Classical CAN and CAN FD protocols.
2. CAN XL IP: Arasan’s CAN XL IP core enables the seamless integration of CAN XL into automotive SoCs, providing high-speed communication capabilities and extended payload sizes. This IP core is designed for compliance with the CAN XL specification, ensuring interoperability and compatibility with other CAN XL devices.
3. Verification IP and Test Suites: Arasan’s CAN IP portfolio is accompanied by comprehensive verification IP and test suites, facilitating the validation and verification of the CAN implementation within automotive SoCs. These tools help streamline the development process and ensure the reliability and compliance of the CAN bus implementation.
4. Automotive-Grade Quality and Reliability: Arasan’s CAN IP cores are designed and tested to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. They undergo extensive quality assurance processes, including compliance testing, fault injection testing, and reliability analysis, to ensure they meet the highest automotive standards.


As automotive systems become more advanced and interconnected, the need for a reliable, high-bandwidth communication protocol is paramount. CAN XL, with its increased data throughput and extended payload size, addresses the growing demands of the automotive industry. Arasan’s CAN IP portfolio provides a comprehensive solution for integrating CAN XL into automotive SoCs, enabling the development of cutting-edge, high-performance, and reliable automotive communication systems. With Arasan’s expertise and proven track record in semiconductor IP solutions, automotive manufacturers and system integrators can accelerate their product development while ensuring compliance with industry standards and requirements.

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