Arasan Chip Systems Demonstrates USB 3.0 IP at CES

San Jose,California
Mon, 01/03/2011

Arasan Chip Systems Demonstrates USB 3.0 IP at CES

Visit Arasan in the USB Tech-zone at International Consumer Electronics Show,

in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2011.

San Jose, California – January 5, 2011 – Arasan Chip Systems, Inc.(“Arasan”), a leading provider of Total Intellectual Property (IP) Core Solutions, announced that it continues to experience strong Company growth, fueled by its SuperSpeed USB 3.0 IP cores.
Arasan’s portfolio of SuperSpeed USB IP will be demonstrated in the USB Tech-zone, South Hall 4, Booth #36505, at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas. The demo consists of a complete range of USB 3.0 Device IP, Software Stacks, Hardware Development Kits, and associated collateral.

Arasan has more than a decade of experience in USB IP development and has a team focused exclusively on the USB protocol. It has a comprehensive IP portfolio covering USB 1.1, 2.0 and now also SuperSpeed USB 3.0. With a peak bandwidth of 5 Gbps, USB 3.0 will be deployed in new applications that previously were constrained by the lower bandwidth of USB 2.0. In particular, USB 3.0 will benefit connectivity to mass storage drives, transfer of HD content in Consumer Electronics, and rapid two-way data synchronization. USB 3.0 includes new features to reduce power and improve the protocol efficiency which will also benefit portable applications.

Systems integrators at Tier 1 OEMs have been ramping up production of the USB3.0 enabled systems. Arasan has already licensed its SuperSpeed USB IP cores to several of the largest semiconductor companies worldwide. These customers have chosen Arasan’s USB IP based on Arasan’s domain expertise and robustness of the IP. In addition, Arasan continues the development of a SuperSpeed USB PHY to address the physical layer needs for their customers.

With over a decade of experience in designing USB IP, our SuperSpeed IP demonstration is another avenue where we showcase the maturity and robustness of our IP,” said Prakash Kamath, Vice-President of Engineering at Arasan. “Arasan’s USB 3.0 IP is currently being used in multiple SoC projects, backed by the confidence in our fully verified USB 3.0 cores.

The higher bandwidth and new features, supported by SuperSpeed USB, will quickly establish itself in bandwidth hungry devices such as HD camcorders, media players, storage devices and netbooks.  By 2013, analysts predict USB2.0 to USB3.0 crossover, based on the number of ports.  Arasan is there to support the explosive demand for USB3.0 by providing a rich USB Portfolio backed by world-class customer support.

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Arasan Chip Systems Inc. (, based in San Jose, CA, USA, is a world-leading supplier of SoC Intellectual Property solutions. Arasan delivers technology-leading Bus IP solutions covering MIPI, SD / SDIO, USB, PCI, Ethernet, MMC, CE-ATA, CF+, NAND and more, to the global electronics market.  Arasan’s Total Solution Approach includes RTL IP cores, Verification IP (VIP), Portable Software Drivers / Stacks, Hardware Development Kits, Validation Platforms, Protocol Analyzers and Design Services. Arasan’s IP Solutions portfolio enables designers to accelerate their development and minimize the risks associated with production of complex system-on-chip (SoCs).  Arasan provides a competitive advantage through a combination of domain expertise, silicon proven IP, hardware tools, software stacks and customization services.

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