Arasan In Year 2013 – Moving Forward

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hello2013 Now that the holidays are over, it is time to take a glimpse into 2013. Arasan will be announcing new products to continue its dominance in the MIPI and Storage markets with products like Mobile Express, SSIC, M-PHY Gear 3, eMMC5.0, and DSI-2; and Analog products in geometries of 28nm and below. We will be exhibiting at ARM TechCon, Flash Memory Summit, MemCon etc. Scheduled events will be list on our home page. It is always great to catch up with the trends, meet people from the industry, exchange notes etc. As usual our technical staff will attend organization meetings with JEDEC, MIPI, UFSA, SDA and others. Last year we started hosting live Webinars on our key products and technologies like UFS, LLI, SD, ONFI and MIPI connectivity for Mobile imaging. We plan to continue this in 2013. We started this blog as a platform for knowledge sharing and communication. There will be articles by our experts, guest bloggers and more to look forward to in 2013. We wish to understand your needs and serve you better. We strive to engage and interact with anyone who is keen to know about the latest in our technology. Please contact us if you have suggestions to improve the website. The mobile revolution is just beginning. The emergence of new price points, devices that merge smartphone and tablet, new gaming platforms, and application-specific mobile products to name a few. I am sure the challenges will be much more demanding than the year before but the future looks brighter than ever. I, along with team Arasan, wish you and your loved ones the very best and look forward to a productive 2013. Links – eMMC 5.0 Firmware Driver Looking Back     Written by