Spring Webinar Series

eMMC 5.1 and the Migration to UFS 2.0 – May 13

eMMC, is the leading NAND flash memory solution for a wide range of consumer electronics, including smart phones, tablets, GPS systems and other mobile devices. The latest update to the standard, eMMC 5.1 introduces command queueing, in addition to improving IOPs and system performance. Universal Flash Storage, UFS, is the new generation of Flash memory.  UFS 2.0, the most advanced JEDEC standard, provides sequential read/write speeds fast enough to outpace SSDs while combining it with the low power consumption of eMMC. Join us for a webinar to learn more about the two standards and the benefits of migrating to UFS.

MIPI CSI-2 standard for C-PHY – May 20

C-PHY is a new MIPI PHY specification for the Camera (CSI-2) interface. C-PHY offers higher bandwidth per pin vs. DPHY. CPHY v1.0 was recently approved and is compatible with DSI CSI-2 v1.3. Arasan offers the C-PHY in a combination configuration that supports both C-PHY and D-PHY interfaces at 4K 60fps performance. Join us for a webinar to learn more about Arasan’s CSI-2 offering.

1GE and 10GE Ethernet MAC Portfolio – June 3

Arasan introduced the Fast Ethernet MAC more than 10 years ago. Our current offerings include 1GE with 1588 and AVB options and the 10GE (XGMAC). The XGMAC provides features such as transmit and receive message data encapsulation, framing, error code detection, dynamic FCS generation and calculation on frame by frame basis, automatic pad insertion and deletion to enforce minimum frame size requirements. Join us for a webinar for in-depth information about our Ethernet MAC family.

MIPI DSI – Display Serial Interface – June 17

MIPI Updates to DSI include v1.2 which adds VESA compression and v1.3 which adds sub-lins (split links) and deskew. In addition to Smartphone and Tablets, displays and cameras are rapidly moving into automobiles. Join us for a webinar to review the new standards and Arasan Total IP Solutions for Display.

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