SD Interop Fall 2012

Yuping Chung Mobile Storage Product Manager

In this InterOp, we tested SD3 cards from 11 vendors.These samples include latest SD3 controllers, latest MLC and TLC NAND, and NAND flash with not yet announced technology nodes. Some SD2 cards are also tested for backward compatibility; that is, SD3 host will recognize and work properly with existing SD2 cards. From the benchmark results tested on Arasan’s high performance SD3 HVP, the best result captured is R: 88.8MB/s and W: 44.5 MB/s from a 64GB card made by a leading SD3 controller vendors in Taiwan (manufacturer A below). SD3 Interop Tokyo 2012 However, there is one card from another SD3 controller vendor in Taiwan (manufacturer B below) shows a balanced and yet high performance result; although its maximum R/W is 82.4MB/s & 43.5MB/s, the minimum write is 14.5MB/s. this is an important number for a typical desktop or tablet applications which requires frequent random and small file write operations in multi-tasking environment. Participants of this SD3 InterOp includes manufacturers of camera, card reader, laptop PC, FPGA, SD3 host controller IC, SD3 bridge chips, and SD3 validation systems.