MIPI® Alliance Drives Advancements in Mobile Device High Speed / Low Power Data Transport Protocol Technology with Interoperability Event

Piscataway, NJ, June 26, 2012 – MIPI Alliance today announced a successful interoperability event, featuring the near-final UniProSM v1.41 specification. Hosted by Agilent Technologies, Inc., the event enabled Arasan Chip Systems, Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., and Toshiba Corporation to test interoperability, using a Test-M-PHY (T-MPI) interface. The main functions of UniPro (Link Startup, Power Mode Change, Setting and Getting Attributes locally/ remotely, and CPort Data communication) were tested, and passed between all combinations of companies’ implementations, both as Host and Peripheral. The UniPro Working Group plans to hold its second event in Q3 2012. For more information, go to www.mipi.org/working-groups/unipro-working-group.

Scheduled for Board adoption in early Q3 2012, the UniPro v1.41 specification supports multiple simultaneous M-PHY lane speeds up to 2.9 Gb/s, with scalability to 5.8 Gb/s. It is a robust and cost efficient low pin-count high-speed, low power communication interface. Intended to act as a universal chip-to-chip protocol, the specification provides a common tunnel for other protocols, that is forward-compatible to UniPro networks.
“Interoperability events such as this are key to the successful deployment of MIPI specifications,” said Joel Huloux. “Executing such an effective event is testament to the strength of the specification and the member companies that developed it.”

"A strong testing and interoperability program is essential for the success of a new standard as it increases industry acceptance," said Roland Scherzinger, MIPI Program Manager with Agilent Technologies. "The fact that all devices seamlessly worked with each other emphasizes the maturity of the specification and its testing program." "Interoperability events such as this one are critical to building effective standards and creating confidence among potential users that will drive adoption.", said Andrew Haines, VP of Marketing for Arasan Chip Systems, the leading independent supplier of IP Implementations for MIPI standards. "Our recently demonstrated ability to interoperate with implementations from Samsung and
Toshiba is a major step in our efforts to ensure that we deliver the highest quality IP to our customers." “The IOT for UniPro is a major cornerstone for Toshiba to facilitate MIPI-based IP
for the development of our future product roadmap, said Armin Derpmanns, General Manager of Business Development for Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH. In addition, achieving a successful interoperability is a key milestone in setting the eco-system for the deployment of our products.”

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