Arasan Extends Long History of USB IP Solutions

Sam Beal Internet Marketing Manager

USB 2.0 hardware validation

USB has become the connectivity standard for PCs because it offers universal inter-connectivity and plug-and-play adaptability. The USB Host continually monitors the USB network of Devices and deletes from the software stack scheduled transfers for disconnected Devices. The Host monitoring also discovers and configures newly added Devices. These combine to vastly increase productivity in the PC work environment. Arasan was among the first IP companies to offer USB solutions beginning with IP for Host, Hub and Device controllers. The company has been a member of the USB-IF standards body since its earliest days. As USB evolved over time to add OTG for portable applications and performance improvements first with 2.0 and more recently with 3.0, Arasan products have proliferated to support the emerging upgrades to the standard. Now Arasan is first to offer a complete solution from a single vendor with the addition of a fully functional PHY.

Pioneer in USB

  • Launched and licensed first USB 1.0 device in 1996
  • Used in one of the worlds first Webcam and PDA
  • USB 1.0 OCHI host in 1998.
  • USB 2.0 device certified in 2001
  • Only company offering full suite of USB
  • USB 2.0 PHY acquired from Mentor Graphics and now fully ported and certified
  • USB 2.0 used in defense application- missiles & drones
  • 50+ Licensees in silicon production

The PHY allows customers to design complete hardware and software systems. The digital IP component includes synthesizable RTL along with test vectors, test benches and synthesis scripts. The software IP includes stacks, drivers and file systems. Arasan software products allow for control for each piece of the hardware system. The complete, single-source solution offers guaranteed compatibility and interoperability. The figure above, shows a demonstration system containing the USB 2 .0 PHY in a test chip and the USB 2.0 Hub RTL in an FPGA. When connecting the USB cable to PCB 2 from a PC the Host Windows PC driver discovers the Hub and displays it as a generic USB Hub. Arasan is committed to our customers’ success and offers complete technical support on all its products. As standards evolve in future Arasan‘s products will incorporate changes and provide them to customers. For detailed whitepapers on Arasan’s USB IP solutions click HERE  Written by