Arasan Chip Systems Introduces CAN FD Total IP Solution for Automotive

Arasan’s Controller Area Network for Flexible Data (CAN FD) Controller IP provides increased bandwidth for CAN networking solutions for the next generation of automobiles.

CAN is a well established automotive network bus installed in virtually every car on the road. ISO CAN FD extends the bandwidth of CAN to > 1 Mbps to support the increasing number of ECUs and higher data requirements in new car designs.

Arasan’s CAN IP Solution implements CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B protocol, ISO-11898-1 compliant, as well as newer high performance Non ISO CAN-FD protocols compliant to Bosch. It can be integrated into devices that require CAN connectivity commonly used in automotive and industrial applications. Arasan’s CAN FD controller will be upgraded to ISO 11898-2.2015 when the standard is finalized this year. ISO 11898-2.2015 will combine ISO 11898-2, ISO 11898-5-, and ISO 11898-6 and provide additional capabilities for failure detection,

The IP provides an AHB-Lite slave interface for connecting to the CPU with option of APB and it supports a 32-bit interface. The CAN FD physical layer uses a NRZ two pin interface. Arasan is developing the CAN FD transceiver and it will be available as an analog hard macro later in 2015.

“Our long history of providing IP Solutions to Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers made CAN FD a natural extension”, said Prakash Kamath, CTO Arasan Chip Systems.

Arasan provides Total IP Solutions for a wide range of applications from mobile and mobile-influenced ecosystem that now includes advanced automotive electronics. Arasan recently introduced Reliability Proven One Time-Step Gigabit Ethernet 1588 with AVB for timing sensitive networks in automobiles. Arasan also provides storage controllers for SD and eMMC, and camera and display interface controllers to the automotive industry.

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Arasan’s CAN FD and CAN Controllers are available immediately for licensing. Arasan’s Total IP Solution for CAN consists of fully‐ compliant, silicon‐verified IP cores, testbench, portable software stacks and hardware development platforms.

About Arasan

Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of Total IP Solutions for mobile and the next generation of Smart applications from home to automobile. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include digital IP cores, analog PHY interfaces, verification IP, hardware verification kits, protocol analyzers, software stacks and drivers, and optional customization services for Ethernet, MIPI, PCIe, USB, UFS, SD, SDIO, eMMC, and UFS. Arasan’s Total IP products serve system architects and chip design teams in applications that require silicon-proven, validated IP, delivered with the ability to integrate and verify both digital, analog and software components in the shortest possible time with the lowest risk.

About CAN

CAN FD was developed by Bosch in 2012 and is also available as open license. “CAN in Automation” maintains the specifications. CAN 2.0 Specification (ISO 11898-1 thru ISO 11898-6.)