Arasan Chip System Announces 1080p HD Display Support with MIPI DSI IP

San Jose, CA
Thu, 10/06/2011

Arasan Chip System Announces 1080p HD Display Support with MIPI DSI IP

Arasan Chip Systems, Inc.(“Arasan”), a leading provider of Total IP Solutions, announced today that the company continues to push the limits of production ready MIPI DSI IPs through the introduction of 1080p High-Definition Display support on its popular DSI Host and Device IP’s. Such high resolutions are available with a refresh rate of 60 frames/sec and 24 bits/pixel. This breakthrough performance level is achieved with Arasan’s existing D-PHY 1.0 IP for the physical layer interface. The unique HD display capability enables customers to create an HD experience for users on MIPI based mobile devices today without waiting for the evolution of higher performance standards.
“Customers are asking for mobile connectivity solutions for full HD support. Although there is work in progress for MIPI DSI-2 to which we are contributing, HD bandwidth requirements can be met with existing, production-ready standards. We are responding to our customers’ immediate needs, while enabling a seamless path for adoption of future standards,” says Ajay Jain, Director of Product Marketing for Arasan Chip Systems.
Arasan’s combined DSI and D-PHY bandwidth is measured to be sufficient for 1080p, even with the overheads associated with horizontal and vertical synchronization and blanking, transitions between High Speed (HS) and Low Power (LP) modes and Bus Turnaround.

The DSI Host and Device IP’s are delivered in RTL form, with accompanying verification environment and logic synthesis scripts. It integrates seamlessly with Arasan’s silicon proven D-PHY which is available in several process nodes.
About Arasan
Arasan Chip Systemsis a leading provider of Total IP Solutions for mobile storage and connectivity applications. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include digital IP cores, analog PHY interfaces, verification IP, hardware verification kits, protocol analyzers, software stacks and drivers and optional customization services for MIPI, USB, SD, SDIO, MMC/eMMC, CF, UFS, xD and many other popular standards. Arasan’s Total IP products serve system architects and chip design teams in mobile, gaming and desktop computing systems that require silicon-proven, validated IP, delivered with the ability to integrate and verify both digital, analog and software components in the shortest possible time with the lowest risk.
Arasan’s Total IP Solution encompasses all aspects of IP development and integration, including analog and digital cores, hardware development kits, protocol analyzers, validation IP and software stacks and drivers and optional architecture consulting and customization services. Based in San Jose, CA, USA, Arasan Chip Systems has a 15 year track record of IP and IP standards development leadership.

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