Arasan Announces availability of its Total I3C IP Solution for Xilinx FPGA’s

Arasan Chip Systems, a member of the Xilinx Alliance Partner Program today announced the immediate availability of its Total I3C IP Solution for Xilinx FPGA’s

Dec 13, 2018, San Jose, CA: Arasan today announced the immediate availability of its Total MIPI I3C IP Solution for use with Xilinx FPGA’s. The Arasan I3C Master IP and I3C Slave IP have been prototyped on Xilinx FPGA’s and taken to multiple MIPI I3C Interoperability Sessions, including the one recently held as part of MIPI Devcon in Seoul, South Korea.

Arasan also sells its I3C Prototyping Platform as a I3C Hardware Development Kit (“HDK”) bundled in with it proprietary I3C Software Stack. Arasan’s I3C Master HCI IP core is compliant with the latest MIPI I3C HCI Specification Ver 1.0 enabling ease of use with 3’rd party software.

Arasan I3C IP Cores are seamlessly integrated with its MIPI CSI IP and DSI IP for camera and display control respectively. The MIPI I3C Standard is primarily driven by sensors and Arasan I3C IP along with it’s CSI IP and C/D-PHY Combo IP has been licensed by multiple customers. Our I3C IP is also compatible and support i2c and SPI busses.

Arasan’s I3C IP Cores are fully configurable across multiple parameters through simple scripts based on the customer’s specifications making it suitable for a variety of applications. Arasan’s I3C IP has been validated at the RTL level with 3’rd party VIP and System Level at I3C interoperability sessions conducted by the MIPI Association. Licensees can be assured of an I3C compliant IP from Arasan


The Arasan I3C HCI Master IP, I3C Slave IP, Xilinx FPGA based HDK and Software are available through the Xilinx Alliance Program immediately.

About Arasan

Arasan Chip Systems, a contributing member of the MIPI Association since 2005 is a leading provider of IP for mobile storage and mobile connectivity interfaces. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include Digital IP, Analog Mixed Signal PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK and Software. Arasan has a focused product portfolio targeting mobile SoC’s. The term Mobile has evolved over our two decade history to include all things mobile – starting with PDA’s in the mid 90’s to Smartphones & Tablets of the 2000’s to today’s Automobiles, Drones and IoT’s. Arasan is at the forefront of this evolution of “Mobile” with its standards-based IP at the heart of Mobile SoC’s.

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