Arasan Announces Advanced Process nodes for High Performance SD UHS-II Physical Layer Interface

Arasan Chip Systems a leading provider of semiconductor IP for mobile and automotive SoCs announces availability of its SD Card UHS-II analog physical interface IP Core in advanced process nodes.

June 13, 2016, San Jose, CA: Arasan today announced the immediate availability of its SD Card UHS-II IP core fully compliant to SD Associations v5.1 and physical layer v5.0. This IP core is specially optimized for area and power. UHS-II Physical Layer supports the latest generation of “XC” micro SD cards supporting 4K UHD video, VR video, mobile streaming HiFi, and high performance mobile apps.

UHS-II PHY operates in either half or full duplex, achieving a one way peak bandwidth of 3.12Gbps or two way bandwidth of 1.56Gbps, over a two-wire SERDES interface. It includes a 8b/10b encoder/decoder. The controller side interface of the UHS II PHY operates in the range from 39MB/s to 156MB/s. The default data lane D0 is used for downstream connection and the D1 lane is used for the other direction. An 8b/10b coding scheme is used. To improve testability, the SD 4.1 UHS II PHY implements the standard loopback paths.

“Arasan is pleased to extend it 15 year history in storage card IP with the latest and fastest physical interface for SD” Ron Mabry, VP Worldwide Sales


The UHS-II PHY is immediately available in process nodes from 28nm to 12nm. Test Chips and Development Platforms will be made available to prospective customers.

About Arasan

Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of Total IP Solutions for mobile and the next generation of Smart applications from home to automobile. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include digital IP cores, analog PHY interfaces, verification IP, hardware verification kits, protocol analyzers, software stacks and drivers, and optional customization services for Ethernet, MIPI, PCIe, USB, UFS, SD, SDIO, eMMC, and UFS. Arasan’s Total IP products serve system architects and chip design teams in applications that require silicon-proven, validated IP, delivered with the ability to integrate and verify both digital, analog and software components in the shortest possible time with the lowest risk.

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