Arasan IP Design Quality

Senior Director Digital Design

Recently I received an email with positive feedback from one of our SoC customers. Their latest IC was successfully transferring video to an external display over a sub-system of components from our mobile connectivity portfolio. At Arasan Chip Systems, our mission is to deliver high quality IP solutions with a commitment towards zero defects through continuous quality improvement.

Design quality means our IP products not only are easily integrated with customer’s SoC but also works well in their target system. At Arasan Chip Systems, we believe this is true measure of design quality. As an example the SD host controller is often the “boot” device in a mobile application and must work flawlessly.

How do we achieve high quality with complex IP spanning digital logic, high-speed mixed signal I/O and firmware? We have made and continue to make a significant investment in tools, Design and Verification methodology and work closely with customers to meet their acceptance criteria. We establish process flows to validate functionality, compliance and mixed-mode operation at a sub-system level. We invest in maintaining deep expertise with the standards committees for MIPI, JEDEC, SD and others. And we work closely with an eco-system of partners.

In this whitepaper I will briefly review our verification flows using our UFS product as a reference. This is a comprehensive suite that combines the digital UFS host and device controllers, the UniProSM interface technology, the MIPI M-PHY mixed signal I/O and hardware validation.

Read the full paper here Arasan Design Quality Whitepaper