Toshiba Corporation Selects Arasan Chip Systems’ IP Solution

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 2, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arasan Chip Systems, Inc., "Arasan," a leader in Intellectual Property (IP) solutions – IP cores, Verification IP (VIP), Software Drivers and Stacks and Hardware Solutions, today announced that Toshiba, the world leader in high technology products, has selected Arasan SD/MMC Host Controller IP for its SoC Design. Toshiba is leveraging the mature, low risk and hardware verified solution from Arasan to significantly reduce development time and improve time to market.

Removable memory cards have exploded to become standard in most CE products ranging from digital still cameras to mobile phones. The Arasan SD/MMC controller IP core addresses this market with a multi-purpose IP solution offering design and system flexibility. It is compliant to SD v2.0, SDIO v2.0, and MMC v4.3 specification, providing support for industry proven memory interfaces. It supports rates up to 52 MHz and throughputs up to 416 Mbps. It can support a variety of system architectures — non-DMA, SDMA, ADAM1 and ADMA2 modes, and host interfaces — AHB, APB, PCI, BVCI or custom. Additional features include power-on boot capability with eMMC.

"Arasan's IP allows our development team to focus on key differentiating features, offer more functionality, and provide more value in selected products while leaving the industry standard interfaces to those who have the expertise," said Takashi Yoshimori, Technology Executive for SoC design of Toshiba's Semiconductor Company. "This results in a much shorter development cycle, and in turn, our customers, with a better product and a significant time-to-market advantage."

Toshiba utilizes multiple instantiations of the SD/MMC IP core in a single device. This "Total IP solution" provides Toshiba a competitive edge by substantially reducing development costs and providing faster time-to-market and improved functionality.

"We are excited that Toshiba selected our SD/MMC IP core for their Custom SoC products," said Rich Timpa, Vice President of Sales at Arasan. "By using Arasan's hardware verified and industry tested SD/MMC controller, Toshiba is able to minimize design risks and avoid high design and development costs. This enables Toshiba to focus on the high value and feature rich aspects of their product."