Arasan’s 2nd Gen CAN IP achieves ISO26262 ASIL-C Certification

Arasan announces the ISO26262 ASIL-C functional certification of its 2nd generation CAN Trio supporting CAN 2.0, CAN FD and CAN XL with CANsec IP for secure CAN Bus transactions.

Feb 6, 2024, San Jose, CA: Arasan, a leading provider of mobile storage and connectivity IP solutions, is proud to announce the ISO26262 ASIL-C functional certification for its 2nd Gen CAN IP Trio supporting CAN 2.0, CAN FD and CAN XL with support for CANsec as well for secure CAN Bus transactions. The new CAN Trio controller enables customers to future proof their SoC’s support the latest standard of CAN- The CAN XL IP Core and can combine it with a CAN 2.0, CAN FD or CAN XL PHY Chip externally depending on the CAN system vendor’s requirement.

The ISO26262 ASIL-C certification signifies that Arasan’s CAN IP (CAN2.0, CAN-FD & CAN-XL) meets the stringent safety requirements for automotive System-On-Chips (SoCs). Additionally, the certification extends its usability to defense, aircraft, and other industries.

Arasan’s commitment to safety compliance is further demonstrated by the ISO26262 ASIL-C certification. The company’s IP has been extensively utilized in multiple protocol analyzers, lab-based compliance testers, and high-volume production testers for assessing CAN protocol compliance.

Apart from the CAN IP, Arasan offers a comprehensive portfolio of IP solutions for automotive SoCs, including Ethernet, USB and MIPI IP’s.

The ISO26262 ASIL-C certified CAN IP is readily available for licensing, catering to both SoC and FPGA applications. Customers licensing Arasan’s CAN 2.0, CAN-FD & CAN-XL Controller IPs can be assured of its compliance with specifications, instilling confidence in its usage for testing compliance.

About Arasan

Arasan Chip Systems, is a leading provider of IP for mobile storage and mobile connectivity interfaces with over a billion chips shipped with our IP. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include digital IP, Analog Mixed Signal PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK, and Software. Arasan has a focused product portfolio targeting mobile SoCs. The term Mobile has evolved over our two-decade history to include all things mobile – starting with PDA’s in the mid 90’s to smartphones to today’s Automobiles, Drones, and IoT. Arasan is at the forefront of this evolution of “Mobile” with its standards-based IP at the heart of Mobile SoCs.

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