Arasan Chip Systems Builds On Strategic Mobile Initiative With MIPI CSI-2 IP Solution

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 31, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arasan Chip Systems, Inc., "Arasan," a leader in Intellectual Property (IP) solutions — IP cores, Verification IP (VIP), Software Drivers and Stacks and Hardware Solutions, today announced the first fully compliant Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI(tm)) Camera Serial Interface (CSI) IP commercially available on the market. CSI is a high-speed, serial interconnect bus offering connectivity to camera sensors and ISPs in cell phones, mobile internet devices and consumer products.

Arasan's CSI IP cores are compliant with MIPI CSI-2 specification 1.0 addressing all Tx/Rx requirements. Arasan's highly configurable CSI IP cores are architected to support 1 to 4 lanes providing up to 4 Gbps throughput. They can support a variety of native host interfaces — APB, AHB, AXI, OCP, Micro-Controller or customer specific interfaces, providing seamless integration to any camera sensor or image processor. The IP cores supporting all pixel and image formats are configurable to interface to a variety of low-end and high-end camera sensors and image processors. Optionally, the IP cores also support compression/decompression with predictor algorithms.

"Mobile phone cameras are becoming a default requirement and consumers' appetite for more features, functions, and higher resolutions is clearly evident in the market," said Kevin Yee, Vice President of Marketing at Arasan. "Arasan's CSI-2 solution provides a means to feed this desire and build upon our Strategic Mobile Initiative, helping customers to accelerate designs in the mobile space."

Designed for easy integration into any SoC development, the IP includes features to meet the diverse camera needs in today's rapidly changing mobile market: multiple camera sensors, range of pixel arrays, high-performance ISPs, and native interfaces to system buses. The CSI IP implementation will reduce pin count, power consumption and system costs while improving interoperability for next generation mobile devices. In addition to mobile phones, the Arasan IP cores provide a "Total IP Solution" for portable applications such as laptop cameras, mobile internet devices and gaming platforms.