Arasan Chip Systems announces its 2’nd Generation Sureboot™ QSPI IP

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Arasan Chip Systems, the leading provider of Total IP solutions for today’s Systems on a Chip (SoC) market announces the immediate availability of their formally verified Sureboot™ QSPI IP. The Silicon Proven QSPI NOR Flash memory controller IP is an extended version of the SPI protocol allowing the use of 4 data lanes leading to highly effective overall bandwidth. Arasan’s QSPI IP provides the user immediate access to flash memory from SPI mode on startup, or alternatively it can be configured for any other mode from SPI to Dual SPI or Quad SPI.  Additionally, a DMA command may be issued to copy memory from the flash device to anywhere else on the bus.

Arasan’s QSPI host controller features, 

–       Compliant with AMBA AXI3/4 and AXI4-lite protocols.  An APB control port interface is available if desired instead of the AXI4-lite control port interface.
–       User configurable clock frequency support
–       Designed to support all leading NOR FLASH devices.
–       Configurable bus width, Full & Narrow AXI burst support
–       DMA for maximum bus throughput
–       Supports 24 or 32b addressing and User selectable commands.
–       Supports Execute in Place flash access protocols
–       Backwards compatible with SPI and Dual SPI devices

Arasan’s silicon proven 2’nd generation QSPI host controller is an all-digital controller available immediately. Arasan’s Octal SPI and xSPI IP are also available for customers looking for higher performance.

About Arasan

Arasan Chip Systems, a contributing member of the MIPI Association since 2005 is a leading provider of IP for mobile storage and mobile connectivity interfaces with over a billion chips shipped with our MIPI IP. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven, Total IP Solutions include digital IP, AMS PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK and Software. Arasan has a focused product portfolio targeting mobile SoC’s. The term Mobile has evolved over our two-decade history to include all things mobile – starting with PDA’s in the mid 90’s to Smartphones & Tablets of the 2000’s to today’s Automobiles, Drones and IoT. Arasan is at the forefront of this evolution of “Mobile” with its standards-based IP at the heart of Mobile SoC’s.

Over a billion chips have been shipped with Arasan IP including with all of the top 10 semiconductor companies.

Dr. Sam Beal