Benchmarking Mobile Storage

Sam Beal Internet Marketing Manager

Introduction NAND Flash is the nonvolatile memory behind SSD, mobile computing devices and mobile appliances (such as phones and cameras). Flash technology is the mainstream storage solution for mobile – and mobile is growing dramatically. Some analysts predict tablet shipments will eclipse PC shipments by 2016. Why Benchmarking matters Tablet computers and smartphones place increasing demands on NAND Flash device features – capacity, cost and bandwidth. But providing this requires a complex combination of electronic and software development. As a result benchmarking NAND Flash at the component and system level is critical to successful product design. Benchmark testing spans a wide range of factors such as the device controller implementation, the host interface standard (SD, eMMC, UFS), type of NAND technology (SLC, MLC, TLC), device drivers and file systems and the application requirements, e.g. sequential, random, read-write, etc. Written by Sign in and read the white paper on Benchmarking Mobile Storage by Sam Beal