Visit Arasan Chip Systems at FMS 2017

San Jose, CA July 26, 2017
Arasan will demo its eMMC 5.1 HS400 Test Chip, part of the Total IP Solution for eMMC 5.1 that includes eMMC Host and Device Controller IP, matching eMMC I/O Pads for dual voltage designs at 28nm and below, a comprehensive OVM based Verification IP for the controllers and PHY, a Hardware Validation platform, and software drivers to aid software development and FPGA prototyping.
Arasan is the leading supplier of eMMC embedded storage IP dating to the introduction of eMMC4 in 2009. Arasan introduced the industry’s first HS400PHY in 2015 and have delivered in process nodes from 40LP to 16FF, with 12FF in development.
Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is the next generation of embedded mobile storage, with significantly higher density and bandwidth. Arasan introduced UFS in 2013. Arasan is shipping UFS 2.1 IP solutions to multiple customers.
In addition Arasan recently announced UHS-II PHY for SD 4.x and 5.x in 28HPM with 12FF in development. UHS-II PHY operates in either half or full duplex, achieving a one way peak bandwidth of 3.12Gbps or two way bandwidth of 1.56Gbps, over a two-wire SERDES interface.
Stop by booth 838 to hear more about eMMC, UHS-II, and UFS.